Complex Problem-Solving 


If it feels crazy out there, that's because it is. The world is moving faster than ever before and technology is disrupting every industry. The World Economic Forum cites complex problem-solving as one of the most important competencies on our horizon. Discover how to solve your most wicked problems, while keeping it simple. Gain confidence to move apply proven techniques that simplify complexity and foster creative solutions.

At WhatBox, we believe that integrating diverse perspectives gets the most powerful results. That’s why you’re going to hear insights from experts in leadership, brain science and innovation on what it means to work understand, unpack and unlock simple solutions to our most vexing problems. 



Creativity | Speed | Adaptability |Resilience


  • Gain confidence to simplify and humanize complexity
  • Know how to apply important brain science to amplify outcomes of complex problem-solving 

  • Understand connection-making techniques that foster insight amidst ambiguity

  • Learn how to add structure and process to solving interconnected, evolving problems


Crystal Fernando


This workout experience is 5 weeks in length with approximately 3 hours commitment week 1 (for the remote workout) and 1 hour per week thereafter for mini workouts and conversations (see below for additional details). 




What is included in this workout experience:

  1. Remote Workout - 2.5 Hrs online learning live with experts and peers 
  2. 5 Mini-Self Paced Workouts - Mini-workouts help you integrate, apply and deepen understanding of core concepts, while building safe and meaningful partnerships with your cohort. Self-led learning is partnered with peer and expert panel discussion over the course of 4-5 weeks to help build mastery while discovering what works for you. In this series: 
    • A New Relationship with Complexity
    • Priming the Brain for Possibility  
    • Connection Making
    • Finding Simple Steps Forward in Ambiguity 
    • Failing Forward - Fast and Well


NOTE: Each mini-workout session above contains: 

  • A Big Idea – Powerful, ”bite sized” learning concepts delivered via podcasts you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Podcasts take no more than 15 minutes
  • Experiment – A carefully designed challenge by our team of experts to put the concept to work right away
  • Inspiration – Curated links to relevant quotes and inspiration from experts via Instagram
  • Reading – Curated links to relevant articles, books or blog posts from our Library for self-paced continued learning